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 Special Artist's Talk: René Hugo Arceo, Sep. 13, 2011, Concordia University, Chicago

  Special Artist's Talk: René Hugo Arceo, Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Concordia University, Chicago, Werner Auditorium, 7400 Augusta Street

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The DuPage Valley Review, a non-profit, refereed interdisciplinary journal
of art and culture, published by Benedictine University’s Procopian Press.

 The DuPage Valley Review, 2011 issue, cover art by René Hugo Arceo

The DuPage Valley Review, 2011 Issue cover; artwork by René Hugo Arceo

 The DuPage Valley Review, 2011 issue, page 30, illustration by René Hugo Arceo  The DuPage Valley Review, 2011 issue, page 31, illustration by René Hugo Arceo

The DuPage Valley Review, 2011 issue, pages 30-31: Poetry of
Wilda Morris, William Marr, Michal (Mikki) Mendelsohn, Barbara Eaton and Susan T. Moss.
Illustrations by René Hugo Arceo

 Xicano Duende. A Selected Anthology. Poetry by Alurista. 2011 - Cover art by René H. Arceo

  Xicano Duende, A Selected Anthology. Poetry by Alurista, 2011
Cover art by René Hugo Arceo

ISBN-13: 9781931010726, ISBN-10: 1931010722
Publisher: Bilingual Press / Editorial Biling-Ue, July 2011, Pages: 145

Languages: Spanish / English.
Anthology includes excerpts from
"Return" (1982), "Z eros" (1995), "Et tu... Raza?" (1996), and "Tunaluna" (2010).

"Xicano Duende: A Selected Anthology" commemorates the prolific career of one of Chicano literature's most enduring poetic voices. The collection, which includes selections from Alurista's latest collection, Tunaluna (Aztl n Libre Press, 2010), chronicles Alurista's extensive writings in a voice that ranges from scathing social and political criticism to erotic and provocative verse to whimsical wordplay. Through it all, Alurista reveals the struggle and history of his life and Chicano heritage in language that inflames and inspires...


El Arte De René Arceo: Entre La Espontaneidad Y El Dominio De La Técnica
- by Victor Espinosa

  Contratiempo, Issue 76, Junio 2010

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Cover artwork by René Hugo Arceeo

 Conttribuyendo con su parte - 2010

El port de los migrantes a la salud fiscal an México y El Salvador
Conttribuyendo con su parte

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 Presencia Michoacana 2010 publication - index
 Presencia Michoacana 2010 publication - page 44
 Presencia Michoacana 2010 publication - page 45

An annual publication from the Federation of Michoacan Clubs in Illinois, USA, 2010

Certezas e intuiciones en la obra de René Arceo
Intuition and Certainty in the works of René Arceo
by Julio Rangel


 Valley Morning Star vignette

  World of Art: International artists to show prints at Harlingen gallery
By Travis M. Whitehead / Valley Freedom Newspapers, October 28, 2009

Contemporary Impressions

The 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference, March 25 to 29, 2009,
hosted by Columbia College Chicago, features keynote speakers
Kathan Brown, Enrique Chagoya, Anne Coffin and Jane Hammond.

Printmaking is the art most responsive to changing technologies,
while retaining many otherwise obsolete techniques. We employ the latest
digital imaging tools and centuries-old techniques for hand mark-making.
We make exquisite, precious objects and democratic gestures.
We are able to share our imagery and processes with anyone,
anytime while also creating community, dialogue and collaboration
in our own shops. As our world becomes increasingly interdependent,
local practices are at once threatened, celebrated, worthy of preservation
and dangerously divisive. As printmakers, our medium is likewise evolving,
Its borders increasingly permeable. Our traditions are a source of strength,
but also a source of isolation. Prints can be made and exhibitions can be
mounted in ways that break away from sterile white walls to include
installations, printed artists' books, graffiti prints and paste-ups
on city streets, 'zines and comics, ever work that exists only in cyberspace.

 Global Implications. The 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference

Panel topics include printmaking with "green" methods
and with extreme technology, printmaking as a grass-roots form of public
interchange and international cooperation, and cultural exchanges
with countries nearby (Canada) and far away (India and China).
Among the print exhibitions at over 40 locations around Chicago:

• Contemporary Prints from Australia
• Images of Death and Life, a survey of prints by Kathe Kollwitz
• The Ceramic Print
• Makeready, Choke, Bleed, and Knockout, books by artist-printers
who print everything from inexpensive multiples to deluxe editions
on high-speed rotary offset litho presses
• Moonlight Cocktails are the Thing, complex, colorful
and whimsical etchings by David Driesbach
• The Mayor of Palookaville, artist's books by David Johnson
• Human Doings, work by Adriane Herman and Fresh Hot Press
• Boombox, screenprinted showbills for bands
by some of Chicago's hottest young talent
• Sueños en Relieve: Prints by René Hugo Arceo,
stylized figurative narratives
informed by the artist's upbringing and experiences in Mexico

 René Hugo Arceo, El Poeta, 2008, color screenprint

René Hugo Arceo, 2008, El Poeta, color screenprint, 22 x 16".
From the suite Seríe 15 for the 15th anniversary of the Seríe Project, Austin;
see Contemporary Impressions, Spring 2002 (vol. 10 #1)

• Rebellious Integration, an exchange portfolio
at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, prints by artists
who subversively challenge the system they depend on for subsistence.

Exhibitions mostly run from mid March to mid April;
check the conference website for venues.

Source: Contemporary Impressions, Volume 16, #2, Fall • Winter 2008, page 31
ISNN: 1066-9434

Contemporary Impressions is published twice a year
by the American Print Alliance, non-profit consortium
of printmakers' councils; federal tax-exempt status 501(c)(3).

 American Print Alliance banner

American Print Alliance, 302 Larkspur Turn, Peachtree City, GA 30269-2210


 Olga U. Herrera: Toward the Preservation of a Heritage 
 Latin American and Latino Art, Institute for Latino Studies 
 University of Notre Dame, USA, 2008

Olga U. Herrera (with a foreword by Víctor Sorell and Gilberto Cárdenas):

Toward the Preservation of a Heritage:
Latin American and Latino Art
in the Midwestern United States

Research from the first year of the Midwest Latino Arts Documentary Heritage Project
with a Chronological Overview, Selected Bibliography, and Exhibition Lists.
Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame.

 University of Notre Dame 
 Institute for Latino Studies

"MidLAD, the Midwest Latino Arts Documentary Heritage Project, an ongoing, multi-year initiative to locate and preserve primary sources critical to the study of the history of Latino arts and to the understanding of its contribution to American culture
and to our communities."

More info - http://latinostudies.nd.edu

Download and read whole publication (.pdf) from: www.midlad.org:8084/HeritageWeb.pdf
or from    our website).

 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service logo
 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, V 2008 
 Artist Quarter: Celebrating the Work of René Hugo Arceo 
 Valerie Rose, Redmond External Affairs: Connecting People with Nature

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, May 2008
Artist Quarter
Connecting People with Nature
Valerie Rose, Redmond External Affairs
Cinco de Mayo:
Celebrating the Work of René Hugo Arceo

"Latin Americans have a deep connection with nature and enjoy being in the outdoors as an extension
of their places of origin. So, if opportunities are provided they will participate
" - Arceo explains....


 EL'SUR header - CULTURA

EL'SUR, Acapulco - CULTURA

Bestiario y Nahuales,
grabados de artistas de 5 países
en la Casa Borda de Taxco

Reune a creadores de Estados Unidos, Francia, Iglaterra y Japón, entre otros

Lunes 7 de Enero - Sábado 10 de Mayo de 2008
Monday, January 7 - Saturday, May 10, 2008

Claudio Viveros Hernández, Taxco

"En la presentación de la muestra, el maestro René Hugo Arceo, graduado del Art Institute of Chicago
en 1985, quien ha expuesto en varios países y cuenta con valiosos premios y reconocimientos,
apunta que Bestiario es un tema universal que cada artista reconoce y Nahuales es una palabra
azteca que se refiere al alma de un animal que actúa como protector de un humano.
Un tipo de "ángel guardián", se puede decir, pero sin la trivialidad o la superficialidad que hoy
cargamos en este término globalizado...



Puentes. Revista méxico-chicana
de literatura, cultura y arte

Puentes: revista mexico-chicana de literatura, cultura y arte was founded in 2003 to promote Chicano and Mexican literature, culture and art. The journal is divided into sections of "Ensayo/Crítica" (Essay/Criticism), "Narrativa" (Narrative), "Poesía" (Poetry), "Testimonio" (Testimony), "Entrevista" (Interview) and "Arte" (Art). The journal publishes works written in English and Spanish but emphasis is given to works written in Spanish as a way to promote and maintain the Spanish language among Chicanos/as and our Spanish-speaking communities across the country. Puentes is published once a year and is funded in part by the College of Liberal Arts and the Office of the Provost of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and by private donors.

 Puentes. Revista méxico-chicana 
 de literatura, cultura y arte

Chicano Movement Revisited: Un Segundo Renacimiento.
Número 5, Otoño 2007 (Release Date: August 2007, ISNN: 1556-8156)


  René Hugo Arceo (Puentes Web Art Gallery - original location)

  Mictlan (portada / front cover)

  Calaca cantando

  El cuentista

  Zapata renace

  Forward Motion

  Whisper of Taste

  Eclipse of Tonatzín (contraportada / back cover)

 Puentes. Revista méxico-chicana de literatura  Puentes. Revista méxico-chicana de literatura

 Global Matrix II: An International Print Exhibition

Craig Martin, Sean Caulfield, Kathryn Reeves and Kimberly Vito (curators)

 Global Matrix II (2007/2008) 
 An International Print Exhibition

Global Matrix II: An International Print Exhibition. Exhibition catalogue

 Purdue University Galleries

published by Purdue University Galleries, West Lafayette, IN (January 2007)

Catalog 'Raiz del Tiempo', 2006/2007
- back (left) and front (right) cover

 Catalog (back cover) 'Raiz del Tiempo'  Catalog (front cover) 'Raiz del Tiempo'

  Click for more about catalog on separate page -
+ acknowledgements by Author & text by Julio Rangel


  Julio Rangel. The Prints of René H. Arceo
Catalog. Association Pour l’Estampe et l’Art Populaire, Paris, France - October 2006 /
Casa Michoacan Gallery, Chicago, IL


 La Raza online - logo
La Raza Newspaper, Chicago, Illinois; La Raza Online, Member of Hispanic Digital Network

1810-1821: El proceso de la Independencia

El proceso de la Independencia de México comienza con el "Grito de Dolores".
Se concretará - como hecho historico irreversible - recién en 1821, sobre bases sociales
y politicas bastante diferentes a la prédica revolucionaria de Hidalgo y Morelos.

Iván González, La Raza online, publicado el 09-20-2005

  Read whole article >>>


Exponen Seis en Chicago. Redacción, La Voz de Michoacán.
Jueves 23 de diciembre de 2004 (Morelia, México)

  Julio Rangel. Travesias e Intuiciones: La obra de René Arceo
Contratiempo, numero 14, junio, 2004 (Chicago, IL), pp. 14-19

  Mary Erickson, Pat Villeneuve, Gary D. Keller: Chicano Art for Our Millennium
Collected Works from the Arizona State University Community
Published by Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingue (AZ) (April 2004)

Beatriz Zalce. Zalce: tiempo y testimonio, proyecto binacional.
Fundación Cultural Alfredo Zalce (Morelia, México), pp. 15


  José Agustín Andréu. René Arceo: convergencia de lo místico y lo real
Diturna: Creación y Cultura, Numero 15 XI-XII, 2003 (Morelia, México), pp. 18-19

  Gaspar Aguilera Díaz. René Arceo: testimonio estético de nuestros días
Diturna: Creación y Cultura, Numero 15, XI-XII, 2003 (Morelia, México), pp. 20-26

Claudia Aguilar. Participan Seis creadores chicanos en el proyecto Bajo un Mismo Cielo.
Cambio de Michoacán, jueves, 19 de junio de 2003 (Morelia, México), pp. 28

Claudia Aguilar. La aventura del artista migrante. Cambio de Michoacán,
sábado 5 de julio de 2003 (Morelia, México), pp. 28

Daniela Morales. Presentan "Bajo un Mismo Cielo." Cambio de Michoacán,
sábado 5 de julio de 2003 (Morelia, México), sección D, pp. 2


  Gary D. Keller. Contemporary Chicana & Chicano Art
Volumes I & II, 2002, Bilingual Press / Editorial Bilingüe,
Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ), pp. 50, 51, 180 & 204

  José Agustin Andreu: 'New Expressions - Ancient Roots'
Brochure for Poland exhibitions (Zamosc, Lublin) 2002

René Hugo Arceo: Nowe ekspresje - antyczne korzenie.
Akademicki Miesięcznik Kulturalny (Lublin, Poland), pp. 21

René Hugo Arceo (Meksyk). Mikołajki Folkowe 2002 (Lublin, Poland), pp. 18


  Tim Brouk. Purdue exhibit shows off new art acquisitions
Journal and Courier, Sunday, June 3, 2001 (West LaFayette, IN), pp. E2

Faces of OLCECE. The Spotlight, Office of Language,
Cultural & Early Childhood Education / CPS. Spring & Summer, 2001 (Chicago, IL), pp. 19


  Dylan Miner. Printmakers from the Taller Méxicano de Grabado
Carlos A. Cortez, René Arceo & Tomas Bringas. Into the Center: Images
for the New Millennium, 2000, Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI), pp. 24-25

Rachel Koetje. Three Mexican Printmakers Visiting Artists at Western. Kalamazoo Gazette,
(Kalamazoo, MI), Sunday, November 12, 2000


Lucia Mauro. Day of the Dead brought to life in Oak Park.
Diversions, News and Views of the Arts, 1997 (Oak Park, IL), pp. B13 & B16


  Deborah Price. 'Alternate Currents' Showcases Méxican American Artists
Footnotes Oak Park Public Library, Fall 1995 (Oak Park, IL), pp. 1

Maria G. García, Roberto Buitrón & Mario Enrique Castillo.
Latino Artists in the Chicago and Calumet Region. Exhibition catalogue.
The Center for the Visual & Performing Arts, Northern Indiana Arts Association
(Munster, IN), pp. 8 & 18

René H. Arceo. Día de los Muertos. Exhibition brochure from the Oak Park Art League,
1995 (Oak Park, IL)


Monumental Woodcut "Migration to Chicago."
Taller Mexicano de Grabado brochure, 1994 (Chicago, IL)


Renée Enna. Celebrating the Art of Mexico. Diversions,
Pioneer Press, 1993 (Oak Park, IL), pp. B5 and B8


Erendira Vargas. Espontaneidad e imaginación en la obra de René Arceo.
La Voz de Michoacán, jueves, 10 de enero de 1991 (Morelia, México), pp. 6-B


  Printmaking workshop focus is Mexican art
Herald News, Sunday, April 1, 1990 (Joliet, IL), pp.

  Tessa Corona. Obra Grafica de René Arceo Frutos
Exhibition brochure, 1990 (México, D. F.)


  Ted C. Fishman: Sobre El Grabado
Periodico New City, Chicago 7 de diciembre de 1989



 René Hugo Arceo, mixed media 
 Norstrom, 1991, poster  René Hugo Arceo, mixed media 
 Guadalajara, poster  René Hugo Arceo, mixed media 
 Viva Aztlan, 1998, poster
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