René Hugo Arceo: Artist Statement
 René Hugo Arceo, painter and multiartist

Artist Statement

Many of the influences and sources of inspiration for my work
come from the Mexican School of Art.
Specifically from printmakers such are Alfredo Zalce, Alberto Beltran and Leopoldo Mendez
and from the muralists Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, Fernando Leal and Xavier Guerrero.

Human, social, and sometimes political commentaries
are the common themes addressed in my prints.
I feel that as a member of a given society the artist should, in a non-dogmatic fashion,
artistically react or respond to social, economic or even political accounts and events
taking place in our world today. This wouldn't be in place of, but rather in addition to,
expressing other universal concerns and feelings and artistic explorations.

My feeling is that artists must reflect, in lesser or larger commitments,
their own time and place.

Prints have a special beauty and magic for me. On one hand, the beauty and the enjoyment
of the process while carving each individual line and texture, and on the other hand,
the magic and often surprising results after pulling the first impression.
I enjoy working with and printing on paper.
An additional and final element of great interest to me
is the fact that multiplicity can contribute to reaching larger audiences
while subsequently making the artwork affordable or more accessible.

In most cases my works evolve as a product of a spontaneous act.
The act of drawing lines, on a surface, which evolve into shapes and forms
defined in the spontaneous process of creating them.
That is most often while creating art I do not depart from a specific idea or concept
I want to address. Rather, it evolves out of the markings made spontaneously.

René Hugo Arceo

 René Hugo Arceo

 René Hugo Arceo - printmaker at work

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