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"Dia Des Los Muertos:
Common Ground"

Expressions Graphics & Arceo Press
invite you on public viewing of the print portfolio
"Dia De Los Muertos: Common Ground"
Opening: Saturday, October 17, 2009 from 2 to 4 PM
at Expressions Graphics Gallery,
29 W. Harrison (near Austin Ave), Oak Park. IL 60608, Tel (708) 386 3552
Hours: Fri to Sat 1 - 4 PM or by appointment
Exhibition ends: November 2nd

 "Dia De Los Muertos: Common Ground"; Arceo Press/Expressions Graphics, Chicago, Oct 2009

  "I wanted to organize an international collaboration on the theme of death for a while. Since this is such a universal topic, not only would everyone have something to say about it but, the way in which each artist would tell it, and the meaning and symbols each artist could use would be vastly different and rich. This was the year when I finally asked a group of friends if they would be interested. The response was a robust yes! What is the deadline and what are the parameters? Soon we were all at work drawing and sketching ideas for our prints.

  This portfolio includes 20 artists from United States, Mexico, France, Canada and Spain. The prints included were done by artists with distinct experiences and cultural traditions. There is great diversity of life experiences and perspectives towards death which are reflected in this suite of prints. For example, there are serigraphs done by artists from Mexico living in Chicago and in Seville, Spain; a linocut done by a Japanese artist living in Toronto, Canada; linocut print by an English artist living in Paris; and other prints done by artists living in their respective or adopted countries.

  This unique collaboration offers a window of opportunity to look into the diverse perceptions of death artists bring to this graphic project. Through these prints some artists interpret death in a spiritual and a way of recalling the deceased relatives with the recreation of a traditional altar/ofrenda. In other cases artists make use of playful skeletons, in the Jose Guadalupe Posada style, to pock fun at life, sexual encounters, to criticize political leaders and drunkenness. Yet others make use of more ritual-like and profound cultural symbols to allude to the essence; the natural cycle of life and death".

René Hugo Arceo
Project Director/Printmaker, Arceo Press, Chicago


an art exhibition featuring works
by René Arceo Frutos, Joe Compean and Sergio Gomez.
September 15 to October 15 in KCC’s Learning Resource Center art gallery.
The exhibit coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month.

Web sites for the artists:
Sergio Gomez - www.sergiogomezonline.com
Joe Compean - www.compeanphotography.com

is a curated online exhibition space for international contemporary art.
Now you can see Arceo's exhibition... and read about his creations.

 René Hugo Arceo at VisualArtToday.com, 2009

 El Paso Museum logo

The El Paso Museum of Art presents the exhibition

Bestiario and Nahuales 2
March 15 – September 20, 2009
at the El Paso Museum of Art

The exhibition was comprised of a print portfolio containing works
from 20 artists from various countries including Spain, France, Mexico,
Canada and the U.S.A addressing the theme of Bestiary (beasts)
and Nahuales (guardian animal spirits). The exhibition explores how artists
from different cultures, experiences and backgrounds respond
to a specific theme utilizing their preferred media of expression
and is an international collaboration presented by Arceo Press.

It was organized by René Hugo Arceo, Project Director and Printmaker
for Arceo Press, Chicago. The portfolio was given by artist Ouida Touchon
who also has a print featured in this portfolio.

Featured Artists
Meiko Ando, René Hugo Arceo, Michael Barnes, Catherine Cajandig,
Antonio “Pepe” Cornonado, Nicolas De Jesus, Judith Jaidinger
Thomas Lucas, Juan Pablo Luna, Dolores Mercado, Oscar Moya,
Ginette Pinche, Jacquelyn Ruttinger, Reynaldo Santiago,
Janet Schill, Ouida Touchon, Gabriel Rodriguez Trinidad,
Paul Valadez Benjamin Varela and Claude Aimee VillanueveX

"Artist’s Book Fundraiser"

25 years of René Arceo’s artistic work

 Artist’s Book Fundraiser - 25 years of René Arceo#8217;s artistic work

The Federation of Michoacan Clubs in Illinois invites you to an

Artist’s Book Fundraiser
Raised funds will help FEDECMI publish an art book
about Michoacan artist René Arceo.
This book celebrates 25 years of his artistic work.

Reception & Art Sale
Friday, September 4, 2009
(Learn more about this book and ways you can support it
through a tax-exempt contribution to FEDECMI)

Live Music: Gonzalo Cordova
Appetizers: Golden House Restaurant

- - -

La Federación de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois (FEDECMI) invita al evento:

Libro de Artista

25 años de labor artística del René Arceo

Los fondos recaudados en este evento ayudaran a publicar un libro
del artista michoacano René Arceo. Este libro,que será publicado
por la FEDECMI, celebra 25 años de labor artística del artista.

Recepción y Venta de Arte
Viernes, 4 de septiembre, 2009
(Conozca mas sobre este libro y la forma de apoyar con una contribución
exenta de impuestos)

Música en Vivo: Gonzalo Córdova
Bocadillos: Golden House Restaurant

- - -

1638 S. Blue Island Ave., Chicago, IL 60608
Tel. 312/491-9317, 312/491-9327

Sueños en Relieve

 Sueños en Relieve. Prints by René Arceo

Prints by René Arceo
Prospectus Art Gallery 1210 W. 18th St. Pilsen
Tel. 1 (312) 733-6132
Dates: March 25 - June 6, 2009
Live Music with Gonzalo Cordova

In this exhibition Arceo explores ideas related to dreams
and dreamlike scenes through relief prints. These prints freely and naturally
emanate from his subconscious into lose lines, and progressively evolve
into more defined forms. These forms construct a free-flowing composition,
which seems to facilitate the telling of a story in a dreamlike atmosphere.
Arceo gives preference to figurative narratives that include stylized human
and humanlike characters. His upbringing and experiences in Mexico
continue to inform his art production.
Arceo, a printmaker who has called Chicago home since 1979,
graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1985.

 René H. Arceo, El Poeta, 2008 (photo by Helen P. Lopez)

Image: René Hugo Arceo, El Poeta, 2008 (photo by Helen P. Lopez)

  (...) With El Poeta, Arceo celebrates the importance of the poet and honors the power of the pen. As a writer, the subject of the work immediately resonated with me, and the bright, vibrant colors and fantastical scene only enhanced its appeal. As the Etsy description states, "El Poeta is a fantastic figure; he is a creator deep in thought and surrounded by his muses and characters he can bring to life with the power of his words. Like a plant, the poet is a vivid green and through him there is potential for growth, hope and new life." As an artist, Arceo feels a kinship with the poet, who also has the power to create worlds.

  El Poeta is part of Serie XV, 2007-2008, celebrating The Serie Project's 15th anniversary. Based in Austin, Texas, The Serie Project is a Latino-oriented nonprofit program dedicated to producing and promoting fine art serigraphs. Each limited-edition print (50 in this case of El Poeta) is a unique creation, not simply the result of reproducing a painting in large quantities. Thanks to serigraph printmaking, more people can enjoy original artwork at more reasonable prices. As Arceo puts it, "multiplicity can contribute to reaching larger audiences while subsequently making the artwork affordable or more accessible."Amen to that, I say, as I attempt to summon the muse, staring no longer at a blank wall but El Poeta - a regular reminder of the power of the written word, of art.

By Darren W. Miller, on February 8, 2010

 René Hugo Arceo, Transformation of Nahual, 2007

Image: René Hugo Arceo, Transformation of Nahual, 2007

René Hugo Arceo & Gabriel Villa
& the Artists of Pilsen, Chicago

Location: Walker’s Point Center for the Arts,
911 West National Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53204
Dates: March 13 – April 25, 2009

 René Hugo Arceo, Dulce Sonidos, linocut

Image: René Hugo Arceo, Dulce Sonidos, linocut

With this new body of work, Gabriel Villa explores several new directions,
a refocusing of subject matter on the human form and the introduction
of an idiosyncratic, psychological element that positions his portraits
beyond the traditional. René Hugo Arceo's work has been influenced
by an awareness of the populist tradition of Mexican printmaking
and by his regard for the work of Mexican artists such as Alfredo Zalce
and Leopoldo Mendez. It recalls the modernist movement in Mexico
and its dialogue with European traditions. Pilsen a predominately Mexican
neighborhood and its residents have built a set of cultural institutions
that far outpace many wealthier neighborhoods, crowned by the excellent
National Museum of Mexican Art and many working artists.


Located on the Lower West Side of Chicago, Pilsen is a vibrant neighborhood
of rich ethnic heritage that since the 1970s has been a heart of Mexican Chicago.
Its residents have built a set of active cultural institutions that far outpace many more
affluent neighborhoods, crowned by the excellent National Museum of Mexican Art
and a diverse community of working artists fueling the creative energy of the area.
Given historical and demographic parallels between Pilsen and Walker’s Point, we are privileged
to be hosting the works by Montserrat Alsina, Mario Castillo, Miguel Cortez, Hector Duarte,
Roberto Ferreyra, Ricardo Santos Hernández, Diana Solis and Robert Valadez,
artists who shape cultural landscape of Pilsen.

René Arceo & Gabriel Villa both work within the tradition of figurative, socially-conscious art.
Born in Cojumatlan, Michoacan, Mexico and trained as a printmaker, Arceo manifests
deep engagement with the craft of his primary medium and is strongly influenced
by the populist tradition of Mexican printmaking, particularly by the works of
Alfredo Zalce, Alberto Beltran and Leopoldo Mendez.
In his recent work, Gabriel Villa explores portraiture by focusing on the inhabitants
of his home neighborhood. His psychologically-charged, infused with poetic symbols images
are imbued with empathy for those marginalized for economic or racial reasons.

[ www.wpca-milwaukee.org ]


(...) In the rear gallery space, curator Villa and Arceo fill the walls with richly textured,
figural pieces rendered in a primary palette. Villa's large, unframed works on paper are portraits
of the disenfranchised local inhabitants of Pilsen. There are no arid spaces on Villa's works;
he incorporates elements of frottage, expressive brush-strokes and delicate cross-hatchings
to activate the entire surface. In Urban Halo, a crown of rats circles the head of a seated figure,
whose eyes and mouth, half-closed, suggest a saint's ecstasy or an altered state.
Along the edges of the piece, a row of stamped pennies line the perimeter.
These lowliest of coins amount to little more than throwing small change at big problems;
a pittance for systemic poverty. Arceo's body of work, most of an earlier vintage
than Villa's recent pieces, comprises a selection of original acrylic works on paper
and a striking quartet of figural linocuts. The latter are the strongest pieces;
Arceo deftly uses the contrast between monochromatic or minimal color and bare paper
to carve portraits from negative and positive space. Arceo's masterful technique
painstakingly mimics the intricate textures of a woodcut in Lacandon Boy, a recent
and finely detailed black-and-white portrait of one of the Maya people contoured with hundreds
of tiny cuts. The works of Arceo, Villa and the eight "Artists of Pilsen" draw a composite portrait
of a diverse and vibrant community of artists who manage to find beauty amid the challenges
facing their neighborhood, and as a result, create a dialogue that crosses not only state lines,
but resonates beyond cultural, racial and economic borders.

Art review by Angelina Krahn

[ http://artpilsen.blogspot.com ]

 René Hugo Arceo discussing with guests of Pilsen exhibition

Source of the photo above

Contemporary Impressions

The 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference, March 25 to 29, 2009,
hosted by Columbia College Chicago, features keynote speakers
Kathan Brown, Enrique Chagoya, Anne Coffin and Jane Hammond.

Printmaking is the art most responsive to changing technologies,
while retaining many otherwise obsolete techniques. We employ the latest
digital imaging tools and centuries-old techniques for hand mark-making.
We make exquisite, precious objects and democratic gestures.
We are able to share our imagery and processes with anyone,
anytime while also creating community, dialogue and collaboration
in our own shops. As our world becomes increasingly interdependent,
local practices are at once threatened, celebrated, worthy of preservation
and dangerously divisive. As printmakers, our medium is likewise evolving,
Its borders increasingly permeable. Our traditions are a source of strength,
but also a source of isolation. Prints can be made and exhibitions can be
mounted in ways that break away from sterile white walls to include
installations, printed artists' books, graffiti prints and paste-ups
on city streets, 'zines and comics, ever work that exists only in cyberspace.

 Global Implications. The 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference

Panel topics include printmaking with "green" methods
and with extreme technology, printmaking as a grass-roots form of public
interchange and international cooperation, and cultural exchanges
with countries nearby (Canada) and far away (India and China).
Among the print exhibitions at over 40 locations around Chicago:

• Contemporary Prints from Australia
• Images of Death and Life, a survey of prints by Kathe Kollwitz
• The Ceramic Print
• Makeready, Choke, Bleed, and Knockout, books by artist-printers
who print everything from inexpensive multiples to deluxe editions
on high-speed rotary offset litho presses
• Moonlight Cocktails are the Thing, complex, colorful
and whimsical etchings by David Driesbach
• The Mayor of Palookaville, artist's books by David Johnson
• Human Doings, work by Adriane Herman and Fresh Hot Press
• Boombox, screenprinted showbills for bands
by some of Chicago's hottest young talent
• Sueños en Relieve: Prints by René Hugo Arceo,
stylized figurative narratives
informed by the artist's upbringing and experiences in Mexico

 René Hugo Arceo, El Poeta, 2008, Color screenprint

René Hugo Arceo, El Poeta, 2008, Color screenprint, 22 x 16".
From the suite Seríe 15 for the 15th anniversary of the Seríe Project, Austin;
see Contemporary Impressions, Spring 2002 (vol. 10 #1)

• Rebellious Integration, an exchange portfolio
at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, prints by artists
who subversively challenge the system they depend on for subsistence.

Exhibitions mostly run from mid March to mid April;
check the conference website for venues.

Source: Contemporary Impressions, Volume 16, #2, Fall • Winter 2008, page 31
ISNN: 1066-9434

Contemporary Impressions is published twice a year
by the American Print Alliance, non-profit consortium
of printmakers' councils; federal tax-exempt status 501(c)(3).

 American Print Alliance banner

American Print Alliance, 302 Larkspur Turn, Peachtree City, GA 30269-2210

 Mizraim Cardenas, Calle Amarilla, 2003

Image: Mizraim Cardenas, Calle Amarilla, 2003

Latino/a Printmakers and Pilsen

Location: Casa Michoacan Gallery, 1638 S. Blue Island Avenue
Dates: March 1 – 31
Curated by: René Hugo Arceo

This exhibition is a partial survey of Latino/a printmakers
from the Chicago area who have a connection to Pilsen.
This connection is defined by having exhibited, collaborated, worked or lived
in the neighborhood. The energy and breath of this mostly Mexican
immigrant community has been the source of inspiration for some
of these artists. Others explore more personal ground, mostly through
figurative languages. A partial list of artists includes Roberto Ferreyra,
Benjamin Varela, Leopoldo M. Praxedis, Dolores Mercado, Jose Andreu,
Monserrat Alsina, Mizraim Cardenas, Nicolas de Jesus, Elvia Rodriguez,
Francisco G. Mendoza, Efren Beltran, René Hugo Arceo, Jose Guerrero,
Jeff Maldonado, Gerardo de la Barrera and Hector Duarte.

 Futuro Obama, 2009, by René Arceo

Futuro Obama, 2009, by René Hugo Arceo

1210 W, 18th St., Chicago, Illinois 60608
Tel. (312) 733-6132, Fax. (312) 733-6797

You and your friends are cordially invited to:

Celebration 2009

A tribute to change

A group exhibition by 23 Chicago Artists
January 10th through March 7th, 2009

Special musical performance by Pilsen based Fandanguero

Montserrat Alsina, Tim Arroyo, René Hugo Arceo, Miguel Cortéz,
Cleveland Dean, Hector Duarte, Roberto Ferreyra, Felipe Figueroa,
Kenneth Hirte, Alexy J. Lanza, Jeff Abbey Maldonaldo, Lance Marconi,
Alfredo Martinez, Antonio Martinez Walter, Mark Nelson, Eufemio Pulido,
Alejandro Romero, Angela Scalisi, Pablo Serrano, Diana Solis,
Rahmaan Statik, John P. Weber, including Chicago Masters
Walter A. Fydryck and Ron Gordon

An utmost human activity is collecting. A collector often keeps track
of his life through the gathering of art pieces, even when the art
and the collector approach an idea from different view points.
These decisions can then later influence generations
in which they can build upon for the future.

Walter Fydryck, Chicago

 René Hugo Arceo, Local Artists in Purgatory, 1999

Image: René Hugo Arceo, Local Artists in Purgatory, 1999,
National Museum of Mexican Art Permanent Collection

Chicago Figurativo: Prints Selected
from the NMMA Permanent Collection

Location: National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 West 19th Street
Dates: January 18 – May 24, 2009


Experience a variety of figurative works by twelve Mexican American artists
who have made Chicago their home.
The prints chosen represent the inextricable link of identity
to the problematic spaces in which these artists live, create and explore.

Curated by Andrew Rebatta.

Artists: René Hugo Arceo, Tomas Bringas, Carlos Cortez, Luis de la Torre,
Hector Duarte, Esperanza Gama, Jeff Abbey Maldonado, Eufemio Pulido,
Alejandro Romero, Maria Evangelina Soliz, Salvador Vega & Carlos Villanueva.

Pipelines and Borderlines Portfolio

January 8 to February 6, 2009


Curated by Beverly Keys

Artists from the United States, Mexico and Canada have formed
a grassroots collaboration to create artwork to spread awareness
of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP),
what the Bush administration calls "NAFTA-PLUS",
an umbrella for some 300 joint corporate and government initiatives
affecting all three countries. This artwork is included in:
Pipelines and Borderlines a tri-national political print portfolio.

The curator of this project is printmaker, Beverly Keys, a member
of Expressions Graphics in Oak Park and an artist with a passion for politics.
One afternoon, while listening to her favorite public radio show,
her interest was piqued. She learned that the SPP was formed in 2005
when the presidents of the United States and Mexico and the prime minister
of Canada met at the behest of 30 corporations (10 from each country).
They formed a covert partnership and set an agenda free of any public input.

They claim this agenda would expand economic opportunities for the people
of North America, but these initiatives adversely affect the public health,
labor relations, environment and other dimensions of the lives of everyone
living on this continent! - exclaims Keys. And democracy is at stake here!

Keys recruited 19 artists from the three countries, many who are also
members of Expressions Graphics. She asked each to create a print edition
focusing on two of the initiatives that she found of particular threat
to global health and human rights. One is the Oil Sands Project, the largest
surface mining operation in the world. A pipeline, starting in Alberta, Canada,
will run mostly to US refineries, including the local British Petroleum (BP)
refinery in Whiting Indiana. This could threaten the health of millions
of people that depend on Lake Michigan for drinking water. The amount
of ammonia released into the lake will increase three fold,
which would mean dumping an average of 3.822 lbs of ammonia per day.

The second initiative is an Automated Targeting System that integrates
the United States no-fly list into a single North American database.
This system assigns every person flying in and out of the United States
a risk assessment score. The system is based on government databases
that are full of errors. The list includes preschoolers and one U.S. Senator.
Furthermore, no one has access to find out what their score
is or any right to challenge it.

The result of the artists’ efforts is 35 portfolios consisting of 21
political prints (two of the artists created two prints) that will travel
to different venues throughout North America. The first exhibition
was simultaneously held at the Oak Park Public Library in Illinois
and in Calpulli Mogote, Acapulco, Mexico from Oct. 2 through Oct. 30.
In 2009, the portfolio will be going to three universities in Mexico;
Universidad Autonoma de Guerro, Universidad Loyola del Pacifico
and Universidad Americana.

A copy of the portfolio will be donated to the Center for the Study
of Political Graphics in Los Angeles.

The artists in the portfolio are: René Arceo, Marnie Blair, Nicolás De Jesús,
Javier Lara Diaz, Steve Fisher, Carol Friedle, Baltazar Godoy,
Heather Huston, Beverly Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Jeff Abbey Maldonado,
Jesús Orlando Martinez, Michael McGovern, Laura Myntti, MaryEllen Ponsford,
Janet Schill, Gabriel Trinidad, Victor Juarez Vasquez and John Weber.

Printed Portfolio

 Print by René H. Arceo

"Whitening IN". Print by René Hugo Arceo

"Whitening, Indiana. My print shows and innocent child seating on a wooden chair
in the center of the composition. The child wears a mask of death, as if he is playing
with death, which ironically is close by - behind him. In the background, I placed
two giant skeletons operating a factory of death represented by the two smoke stacks."

René Hugo Arceo

(He is an internationally exhibited artist with solo shows in France, Mexico, Poland
and the U.S.A. to his credit. He also has extensive curatorial experience
and advice Beverly Keys on this project).




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