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"Thresholds to Conservation"

Expressions Graphics Invites you to the presentation of the Print Portfolio:
"Thresholds to Conservation" Collaborative Printmaking Portfolio.

Thresholds to Conservation in Gozamos events
On Friday, April 15, 2011, 6:00 p.m. at Expressions Graphics
Address: 29 Harrison Street, Oak Park, IL 60304 / (708) 386-3552
Cost: Free
Opening Reception: April 15th, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
April 15th – May 13th, 2011.

 Expressions Graphics: "Thresholds to Conservation" poster, 2011

Thresholds to Conservation is the first Rio Grande Valley Collaborative
printmaking portfolio produced in response to a call for artist, printmakers,
and educators by Reynaldo Santiago, curator at the Art House Gallery
in McAllen, Texas. Invited to participate in the portfolio are a unique group
of international and local artists who have interpreted images,
each with a specific message, based on the title
via a variety of printmaking techniques.
All prints are original, hand pulled, and signed by the artist.

Participating artists include:
René Arceo, Carlos Barberena, Linda Lewis, Benjamín Martínez, Will Martin,
Reynaldo Santiago, Janet Schill, Paul Valadez, María Elena Macías,
Isaac Santiago, Ramiro Paz, Xavier Garza.
Thirteen artists have collaborated on a portfolio of original prints;
they hope to revive interest in a fading art form. A variety of
printmaking processes has been used to create these expressive work.

 "Agua Que Cae" by René Arceo, linocut

"Agua Que Cae" by René Hugo Arceo, linocut

"This linocut addresses forms of water that falls. In this abstracted work
we see a waterfall and rain; cool water falls on a parched earth
creating growth. A female figure on the left margin sporting six breasts
may have drifted into an adjacent concept". (Nancy Moyer)

From an article written by Nancy Moyer:
SURFACE TREATMENT: 'Thresholds to Conservation'
in The Monitor, McAllen, TX
(Nancy Moyer, Professor Emerita of Art from UTPA,
is an art critic for The Monitor).

UIMA: 40/40 Anniversary Exhibition

Exhibition: April 15 – June 12, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, April 15, 2011, 6-9 PM
2320 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, phone 773-227-5522
Free Admission. Donations Welcomed.

The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art invites its members
and members of our larger community to a 40/40 Exhibition
that celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Institute.
This special event will exhibit artwork by 40 renowned
modern and contemporary visual artists who have exhibited at the Institute
over the past 40 years.

40/40 Anniversary exhibition artists are: René Hugo Arceo, Mike Baur,
Tor Dettwiler, Alexandra Diachenko Kochman , Ihor Dmytruk,
Oleksandr Dubovyk, Vasily Fedorouk, Stanislav Grezdo, Mike Griffin,
Harold Haydon, Ed Hinkley, Jacques Hnizdovsky, Alexander Hunenko,
Richard Hunt, Michiko Itatani, Wasyl Kacurovsky, Anton S. Kandinsky,
Terrence Karpowicz, Yarko Kobylecky, Peter Kolisnyk, Ron Kostyniuk,
Andrij Kowalenko, Alexandra Kowerko, Lialia Kuchma, Paul LaMantia,
Volodymyr Makarenko, Robert Mitchell, Konstantin Milonadis, Gladys Nilsson,
Jim Nutt, Tom Palazzolo, Aka Pereyma, Corinne D. Peterson, Devonna Pieszak,
Yevgeniy Prokopov, Diane Simpson, Laura Strand, Jurij Strutynsky,
Mychajlo Urban and Joseph Welna.

Contact Email: andriy@uima-chicago.org

URL: www.uima-chicago.org

 UIMA: 40/40 Anniversary Exhibition, 2011

 UIMA: 40/40 Anniversary Exhibition, 2011

Purdue Galleries Exhibit: "Body in Mind"
Location: Robert L. Ringel Gallery, PMU
Sponsoring Organization: Purdue University Galleries

Selections from Purdue Galleries

 René Hugo Arceo (Chicago, USA), Untitled, 2004

(From “Body in Mind” exhibit): Untitled, 2004, watercolor and ink on Twinrocker Handmade Paper,
René Hugo Arceo, collection of Purdue University Galleries

This exhibit (Permanent Collection) features representations
of the human figure, which seem to spawn from or live within
the human psyche. Included are faces masked in surreal displays
as well as bodies comprised of odd materials or incorporated into mystical
and suggestive environments. Everything points to figures staged in dream
states or in wistful imaginings beyond our daily reality.

Exhibition dates: January 10 through May 27, 2011
Purdue Galleries exhibitions and events are free and open to the public.
Galleries are closed holidays and university breaks.

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts is thrilled to exhibit

En Papel

A Contemporary Look at Latino Printmakers in the U.S.
May 14th - June 8th 2011

En Papel showcases the breadth and scope of recently-produced imagery emerging
from printmaking studios affiliated with the US-based Consejo Gràfico.
The exhibit traces provocative delineations of the Latino body politic as expressed
through the artists' reflections of the world(s) they inhabit.

Consejo Gràfico is an independent network of print studios that was formed to advance
the legacy and viability of printmaking in the United States.
The Consejo promotes collaboration as a condition to further the preservation
and continuity of the critical/activist orientation that spearheaded Latino printmaking.
This network spans the nation and includes works
from Texas, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and more.

 En Papel: A Contemporary Look at Latino Printmakers in the U.S.

Co-Curated by Juan Fuentes · Maurizzio Hector Pineda

Consejo Grafico Artists/Studios:
Arceo Press (Chicago. IL); Coronado Studio and The Serie Project (Austin, TX);
El Nopal Press (Los Angeles, CA); La Mano Press (Los Angeles, CA);
Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective (Los Angeles, CA); Modern Multiples (Los Angeles, CA);
Pajaro Editions (San Francisco, CA); Pepe Coronado Studio and Print Projects
(Hastings on Hudson, NY); Riomar Studio (South Bend, IN); Segura Publishing Company
(Tempe, AZ); Self Help Graphics (Los Angeles, CA); Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer
(Woodland, CA); Taller Boricua (New York, NY); Taller Tupac Amaru (Oakland, CA);
Yollocalli Arts Reach (Chicago, IL)

 En Papel: A Contemporary Look at Latino Printmakers in the U.S.

MCCLA Gallery Special Events:

May 18th · Opening Reception, 6:30-9:30p, $5 admission, cash bar and appetizers

May 21st · Print Matters, 11a-2p, woodcut workshop with Juan Fuentes and guests.
Join us for a day of Mono-printing in the MCCLA Main Gallery! Free for children and teens,
$5 for adults. Space is limited. RSVP at galleryasst@missionculturalcenter.org

June 1st · Tal(ler)es, 6:30-9:30p, free, Join us for a night of conversation on the politics
of printmaking. The panel will include Melanie Cervantes, Gilberto Cárdenas, Poli Marichal,
Favianna Rodriguez, Pepe Coronado Studios (via SKYPE from New York), and special guest,
Imin Yeh (whose works will be on exhibit in the Inti Raymi Gallery).

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94110
MCCLA gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 PM - 5 PM
Direct: 415.643.2775, Fax: 415.648.0933
E-mail: galleryasst@missionculturalcenter.org

 René Hugo Arceo: Calacas Modernas, 2011

René Hugo Arceo: Calacas Modernas, 2011

Arceo Press’s Print Portfolios

Concordia University Chicago Celebrates Latino History Month

Selections and highlights from six portfolios: Mnemonic, Dia de los muertos,
Bestiario & Nahuales I & II, Mexican revolution & Santitos
(August 15 – September 25, 2011)

Sunday, September 11, 2–4 P.M. Artist’s Reception:
Tuesday, September 13, 7–8 P.M. Artist’s Talk by René Hugo Arceo

Werner Auditorium located next door to the Gallery
Concordia University Chicago, Ferguson Art Gallery
7400 Augusta Street, River Forest, Illinois

 Arceo Press’s Print Portfolios

Alarcón Carmen • Ando Meiko • Andreu José • Arceo René Hugo
Barberena Carlos • Barns Michael • Barrera Arturo • Cajandig Catherine
Cárdenas Mizraim • Castillo Mario E. • De Dios Mora Juan
De la Barrera Gerardo • Duarte Héctor • Ferreyra Roberto • Flores Enrique
Fuentes Juan • Gama Esperanza • García Sal • González Marta
Jaidinger Judith • Jaime Celeste • Jiménez Salvador • Keys Beverly
Mark Rosanna • Mercado Dolores • Mocek BettyAnn • Moya Oscar
Nelson Mark • Parker Teresa • Pazarán Antonio • Pulído Eufemio
Ramírez Marcela • Schill Janet • Santiago Reynaldo • Serment Ricardo X.
Solís Diana • Solíz Eva • Sykes Ginny • Terrazas José • Varela Benjamín
Warren Maureen • Weber John P.

 René Hugo Arceo, 2007 
 Nahual, linocut print

ARCEO PRESS & STUDIO, 4430 N. Malden Ave 1S, Chicago, IL 60640

 Arceo Press, Chicago - logo

  René Hugo Arceo, who founded the Arceo Print Portfolio project, give a special talk at Concordia's Ferguson Art Gallery at September 13, 2011 at the Werner Auditorium, next door to the gallery.

  Arceo Press, a Chicago based project, in which printmakers collaborate around specific themes and create prints, exhibit a sampling of prints from six limited edition print portfolios created collaboratively by 20-35 local and international artists.

  The exhibit features selections from six portfolios - Bestiario & Nahuales I and II, Day of the Dead, Centennial of Mexican Revolution, Mnemonic: To Aid the Memory and Santitos.

  "Concordia University offered me the opportunity to do the first exhibition of all the print portfolios I have completed over the last six years," said René Arceo. "The exhibit is a representative selection of prints that highlight each collaboration. The exhibition includes a cross section of artists and techniques used by artists who mostly live and work in the Chicago area."

  These pieces are a collection of artists from different cultures such as Spain, Mexico, Canada and the United Sates, who bringing individual experiences together in a collection of print art. The portfolios represent collaborations with print-makers from several countries.

  "In my travels I have met many print-makers and others who have been referred by other artists, said Arceo. As I shared my ideas of collaborating with those artists, they welcomed the idea. Every artist selects his or her preferred media of expression and pulls their own edition. That is, they create one image on wood, linoleum, silkscreen, lithographic stone, etc., and then make or hand-pull 50 prints to share with all other participating artists."

Contact: Sarah Hickman,
Phone 708-209-3235, sarah.hickman@cuchicago.edu

 Arceo Press - Limited Edition Print Portfolios
Arceo Press -
Limited Edition Print Portfolios

1. The Beginnings

  In 1990 Tomás Bringas, an artist from Durango, Mexico suggested to a group of printmakers in Chicago that they compile a print portfolio. Thus, "El Canto del Papel" was born of the labor of seven artists: Arturo Barrera, Nicolás de Jesús, Gerardo de la Barrera, Tomás Bringas, Carlos Cortez, Carlos Villanueva and myself. The images created for that portfolio were inspired by a set of poems by Duddley Nieto. Within the year, this group decided to create the Taller Mexicano de Grabado (now Casa de Cultura Carlos Cortez) in the Pilsen neighborhood. This was my first experience participating in a print portfolio.

  In 2003, under the auspices of the Federación de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois, I began coordinating a new bi-national print portfolio "Bajo un mismo cielo; la permanencia de la identidad más allá del espacio físico y las fronteras." The portfolio included twelve artists from Michoacán; six living in the USA and six in Michoacán. Juan Guerrero, from the Artistas Visuales de Michoacán coordinated the six artists in Michoacán and I coordinated the six artists in the USA. Artists travelled to Patzcuaro, Michoacán to produce their images and there the editions were pulled. This project was the catalyst for the founding of Arceo Press.

2. The Portfolios

  These are the limited edition print portfolios Arceo Press has created until 2011. Each portfolio includes the participation of 20 to 35 artists from various countries including Spain, France, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Mnemonic: To Aid the Memory, 2005
Bestiario & Nahuals One, 2007
Bestiario & Nahuals Two, 2007
Día de los Muertos: Common Ground, 2008
Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, 2010
Santitos, 2011

 Print Portfolios Flyer 2011 - front side

3. New Directions

  My interest in creating this type of interna-tional project is three-fold. First, it has to do with my interest in seeking an opportunity for artists, from different cities and countries, to collaborate under a common theme. In my travels and experiences with many artists, most often print-makers, I find myself wanting to bring them together in some form. I also wonder how artists from different cultures, experiences and backgrounds would respond to a specific theme utilizing their preferred media. How could such a collaboration enrich the given theme? What diversity of media and styles could come about with this type of collaboration? I purposely select mature and knowledgeable printmakers with expertise alongside young promising artists so that all can benefit from these projects. Each and every collaboration has been enormously gratifying and in some instances, illuminating.

  My second interest lies in that this type of collaboration links artists in the international arena. Often times, additional projects come about as a direct consequence of the connections and common interest that participating artists realize they have. This translates into solo and/or group exhibitions as well as art exchanges. For example, I had the opportunity to present a solo exhibition in Paris during October of 2006. There I met several printmakers, from the artists’ collective Association pour l'Estampe et l'Art Populaire, whom I have invited to participate in several portfolios. In some other instances artists from Montreal have been invited to exhibit individually and collectively in the Chicago area.

  Thirdly, I am interested in utilizing these print portfolios as a way to gain exhibition opportunities in other countries. It is very expensive to send an art exhibition of one’s own work for exhibition to another country on one’s own. If an artist does not have professional gallery representation or a museum interested in promoting his/her work, one would have very limited exposure. By creating works on paper, specifically prints, artists have the possibility of more easily mailing prints to potential exhibiting venues abroad. One of the great benefits of these print collaborations is for each participating artist to promote an exhibition of a portfolio in their own country and city.

  Through the support of the sponsors, individuals and businesses, I am able to take care of all logistics for all participants including purchasing and shipping paper, contracting the design and production of the portfolio covers, sorting all prints in their covers and shipping one or two portfolios to each participating artist. Each artist has only to worry about creating their image, of a specified size, on the media of their choice, and pulling the edition of their print.

  Finally, the themes of the previous and current portfolios have come out during the meetings and discussions with Chicago based artists. I am particularly interested in nurturing themes that could involve many possible artists' interpretations and visualizations while being humanistic and/or culturally meaningful. Themes that search and explore some new level of meaning and for all artists and audiences.

René Hugo Arceo, Director/Printmaker

 Print Portfolios Flyer 2011 - back side

Print Portfolios on Exhibition

Concordia University Chicago Celebrates Latino History Month
Arceo Press’s Print Portfolios
Selections and highlights from six portfolios

Exhibition: August 15 – September 25, 2011
Artist’s Reception: Sunday, August 28, 2-4 P.M.

Artist’s Talk by René Arceo: Tuesday, September 13, 7-8 P.M.
Werner Auditorium located next door to the Gallery
Concordia University Chicago, Ferguson Art Gallery
7400 Augusta Street, River Forest, Illinois, United States

 Zhou B Art Center - logo

Zhou B. Art Center
1029 W. 35th Street Chicago, IL 60609 Ph. 773-523-0200
October 28 - November 12, 2011
Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 10 AM - 5 P.M., Saturday 12 P.M. - 5 P.M.


 CelebrARTE - poster

"CelebrARTE" is a contemporary art exhibition celebrating the Latino spirit,
imagination and creative force in Chicago.
CelebrARTE highlights various generations of Latino Chicago artists
who are leaving their mark in the visual arts.
This exhibition is curated by Sergio Gomez
for the Zhou B. Art Center in collaboration with 33 Contemporary Gallery
and Latino Fashion Week.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 28th, from 7 to 10 PM

Saul Aguirre, René Hugo Arceo, Mario Castillo, Javier Chavira, Joe Compean,
Luis De La Torre, Alma Dominguez, Hector Duarte, Sergio Gomez,
Mario Gonzalez, Hector Hernandez, Salvador Jimenez, Ernesto Marenco,
Antonio Martinez, Oscar Martinez, Dolores Mercado, Elsa Muñoz,
Alfonso Piloto Nieves, Pedro Palacios, Marcos Raya, Robin Rios,
Alejandro Romero, Paul Sierra, Diana Solis, Martin Soto, Gabriel Villa

is a curated online exhibition space for international contemporary art.
Now you can see Arceo's exhibition... and read about his creations.

 René Hugo Arceo at VisualArtToday.com, 2009

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