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Semana Michoacana

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 Semana Michoacana, 2004
Semana Michoacana. Chicago, Illinois, Del 15 al 28 de Junio
Derechos politicos de los michoacanas en el extranjero
Tercer Faro Binacional del Migrante Michoacano
"Bajo un mismo cielo"
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 FEDECMI: Federacion de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois

Michoacan Presence in the Midwest: An Annual Celebration
By José Luis Gutiérrez, President of FEDECMI

  The Federation of Michoacano Clubs of Illinois (FEDECMI) is a non-profit organization formed
by immigrants from the Mexican state of Michoacan. FEDECMI promotes the welfare and economic
development of Michoacanos, and Mexicans in general, both in the greater Chicago area and in their
hometowns. These goals are accomplished through educational, cultural, social and community
improvement projects in a bi-national context. The projects encourage the shaping of proactive
citizens who strive for complete participation in the society in which they live. FEDECMI
is recognized as one of the most active organizations of Mexican immigrants, and has established
a significant presence at the local and national level, both in the United States and in Mexico.

  One of FEDECMI’s most important activities is the annual "Michoacan Presence in the Midwest"
event, which aims to share and promote the cultural, artistic wealth of Michoacanos. Taking place
over the course of the month of June, these activities strengthen the cultural and emotional ties
between the Michoacanos who reside in Illinois and their homeland, and promotes Michoacan
as a tourist destination.

  In 2004 this celebration took on a special significance. FEDECMI accomplished one of its most
important goals: the acquisition of a building in the Pilsen Neighborhood for the Casa Michoacana
at 1638 S. Blue Island, Chicago, Illinois. Because the Federation owns the facility, we have created
a space that both serves as our operational center, and offers a welcoming, home-like environment,
where we can analyze and discuss a broad range of subjects we consider important as an emergent
bi-national community.

  "The Michoacan Presence in the Midwest" has evolved and diversified over the past ten years.
This annual event now includes conferences, exhibits, workshops, soccer tournaments, social
activities and much more. Each year this celebration offers us an opportunity to educate the general
public about the culture and traditions of Michoacan. Besides instilling pride among the more than
500,000 Michoacan natives who reside in the Midwest, these activities promote solidarity and
exchange with our native State, creating an opportunity for Michoacanos to share their best
with other communities.

José Luis Gutiérrez, November 2004
( www.enlacesamerica.org )

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