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Arceo Press: Dia de los Muertos - Common Ground (2008)

 Arturo Barrera: Escaping Death, 2008

Arturo Barrera (Chicago, USA): Escaping Death, 2008

  The hand in my print represents the spirit (death) returning or being reborn for the day. The black and white colors in the hand represent life and death. The barbed wire represents the spirit (death) being restrained from returning to their loved ones. The ground (dirt) represents the place where we go/what we become when we die.

  Arturo Barrera (b. 1962 Chicago, USA) is a printmaker and painter who received his Bachelors of Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1986 and as a recipient of the R. Smith scholarship received his Masters of Arts degree in painting and printmaking from Northern Illinois University in 1997. He is currently teaching art in Chicago at the Louis Pasteur Elementary. Arturo has exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. He continues to create and is a member of Expressions Graphics in Oak Park, IL.

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