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Arceo Press: Dia de los Muertos - Common Ground (2008)

 Mizraim Cárdenas: Vispera, 2008

Mizraim Cárdenas (Morelia, Mexico): Vispera, 2008

  Vispera (the night before). The unperceivable deem candlelight in our eyes prepares, during the day, the way for the return of souls. The devote families recall their dead the night before and prepare themselves to bring back all possible memories of the deceased. In this way the sometimes diffused images, and far away in time, are maintained by generations who annually return to the road of this ancestral tradition.

  Mizraim Cárdenas (b. 1971 Morelia, Mexico) studied drawing, painting and printmaking with master artist Alfredo Zalce from 1987-1997. From 1990-1993 he studied integral design at the CEID in Morelia, Mexico. In 2004 he participates in the printmaking workshop in Bilbao, Spain sponsored by the Bilbaoarte Foundation. In 2007 he participates in the workshop "multiple international transparencies," taught by Alicia Candían at House of the Américas, Havana, Cuba. From 1987-2007 he participates in more than 50 group exhibitions including Presencia Nacional de Creadores in 1999 at the Centro Nacional de las Artes, México City. Bajo un mismo cielo in Chicago IL and Graphic reality: Mexican printmaking today in New York City in 2006.

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