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Arceo Press: Dia de los Muertos - Common Ground (2008)

 Véronique Murail: Rendez-vous au cimetiere, 2008

Véronique Murail (Paris, France): Rendez-vous au cimetiere, 2008

  Rendez-vous au cimetiere (date at the cemetery) with flowers for the dead as a present an offering for their feast. Soon it will be our turn! We fight all our lives but what about death? The day of the dead seen as a sort of Dance Macabre.

  Veronique Murail (b. 1954 France) studied visual arts in Paris and later Fine Arts in Nantes. She learned serigraphy in Montréal, Canada and bookbinding & restoration of old books in Paris. Veronique works at the Paris Natural History Museum, in the archives department, binding and restoring old and precious books. Since 2004 she is a member of the Association pour l'Estampe et l'Art Populaire, founded by Raoul Velasco and Kristin Meller. There she learned the intaglio techniques with Géraldine Garçon and woodcut & linocut with Kristin Meller. She participates in the association's annual Day of the Dead exhibition and in different exhibitions in France and in Osaka, Japan.

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