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Arceo Press: Mnemonic - To Aid the Memory  (2005)

  In 2004, realizing I had many friend artists in several cities and countries I wondered if they would participate in a collaborative project. As soon as I mention it to a few of them, they show a great deal of interest. I then realized that many more would welcome the idea. The most natural type of collaboration would be to do a print portfolio since most were printmakers or they had had some experience making prints.

  During the summer of 2004 artists living in Chicago began meeting to discuss the theme and focus of our project. Artists from other cities submitted ideas to be considered. All proposed ideas were discussed and we finally narrow it to the concept of Mnemonic: To Aid the Memory. Mnemonic incorporated many of the original proposed ideas, so it was something welcomed by everyone. This theme allowed artists to deal with aspects of our own life experiences, our recent or old family memories, dreams, allusions to the spiritual, as well as ideas that reflect our physical senses.

  Artists chose diverse media and artistic styles to share their mnemonic ideas. Most chose the boldness of black/white linocut and woodcut prints and others hose intaglio media to create highly detailed and colorful images. Stylistically most works use a figure-based narrative while few works incorporate abstract and cubist elements.

The 19 participating artists are:

Andreu, Jose Agustin (Chicago, IL)
Arceo, René Hugo (Chicago, IL)
Cardenas, Mizraim (Morelia, Mexico)
De La Barrera, J. Gerardo (Oaxaca City, Mexico)
De La Torre, Luis (Chicago, IL)
Duarte, Héctor (Chicago, IL)
Flores, Enrique (Oaxaca City, Mexico)
Gama, Esperanza (Chicago, IL)
Garcia, Josefa (Oaxaca City, Mexico)
Guerrero, Juan (Morelia, Mexico)
Mark, Rosanna (Chicago, IL)
Mercado, Dolores (Chicago, IL)
Mexiac, Adolfo (Mexico City, Mexico)
Moya, Oscar (Chicago, IL)
Rodríguez, Artemio (Los Angeles, CA)
Salas, Patricia (Mexico City, Mexico)
Solis, Diana (Chicago, IL)
Tavera, Rodrigo (Seville, Spain)
Warren, Maureen (Chicago, IL)

  We were able to materialize this project thanks to the gracious support of two individuals: Gilberto Cardenas, director of the Notre Dame University's Latino Institute at South Bend, IN and Gary Keller Director of the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University at Tempe, AZ. They provided some of the seed financial support to acquire the acid free paper and the cover the cost of shipping the portfolios.

René Hugo Arceo
February, 2005

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