René Hugo Arceo: Arceo Press, 2010 - Centennial of the Mexican Revolution Contact
 René Hugo Arceo, painter and multiartist

Centenario de la Revolución Mexicana
Arceo Press Portfolio, 2010

 Salvador García, Tierra y Libertad, 2010

Salvador García, Tierra y Libertad, 2010, Linocut

Sal García (b. Pharr, Texas) is a fine artist, illustrator and graphic designer. From a very young age Sal became interested in drawing, painting and comic book art. He entered the commercial art curriculum at Lane Technical High School in Chicago and won awards for his work. He graduated from the Chicago Academy of Fine Art, where he studied and cultivated his art in various artistic disciplines with the intention of becoming accomplished in Commercial and Fine Art. He won awards for Packaging Design and Advertising Illustration. He participated in various group shows and contributed his art to numerous silent auctions. Sal is currently a Graphic Designer, a Design Consultant and a Fine Artist who practices in various mediums. His interests include past and present popular culture, media, film, the art and mythologies of indigenous cultures, figurative art and Mexican Iconography.

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