René Hugo Arceo: Arceo Press, 2010 - Centennial of the Mexican Revolution Contact
 René Hugo Arceo, painter and multiartist

Centenario de la Revolución Mexicana
Arceo Press Portfolio, 2010

 Sam Coronado, Pancho y Pershing, 2010

Sam Coronado, Pancho y Pershing, 2010, Serigraph

Sam Z. Coronado first approached printmaking as a young artist with a background in painting. I was exploring my creative potential by experimenting with various media. Screen printing facilitated my artistic expression, as it allows me to better incorporate graphic imagery that compliments my inherent style. Serigraphy offers many artistic possibilities, as it can be used on various substrates and in combination with other media. I have been dedicated to the serigraph printmaking technique for over twenty years, and my latest work is a combination of digital art and screen printing.

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