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Arceo Press: Santitos  (2011) - Gallery

 Santitos - Producido por Arceo Press, Chicago

 Rosanna Mark, Unknown Child Saint

Rosanna Mark (Italian), Unknown Child Saint, photo-polymer (solar plate)

  Rosanna Mark-Andreu earned a BA in Communication Design from the UIC and an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from CCC. Rosanna is a painter and graphic artist working with CPS students with over twenty years of experience developing arts programs K-12 education and community-based settings. Her past work is informed by her intense relationship to the Abruzzi and Marche regions of Italy and the transitions of death and decay. Her current work explores the elemental vibrations and changes in the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the self. Transformations invisible to the eye but reveled through the continuously changing contours of the body.

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