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 Santitos - Producido por Arceo Press, Chicago

 Rosenda Aguilar, 13 coins for Saint Anthony / 13 monedas para San Antonio

Rosenda Aguilar (Mexican), 13 coins for Saint Anthony / 13 monedas para San Antonio,

  Rosenda Aguilar (b. 1943 Morelia, Mexico) studied in various workshops: painting with Alfredo Zalce, drawing with Lorena de Santiago, printmaking with Mizraín Cárdenas (MC), and sculpture with Alfonso Mata. Rosenda also studied contemporary fine arts aesthetics with Ludwing Zeller, Pedro Ascencio, and Pablo Rulfo. She is currently working on prints at MC printshop, sculptures at Matias Sanchez workshop, and lithography at the ex Convento Jesuita in Patzcuaro with Julian Guerrero. She has participated in more than 50 group and solo exhibitions in Mexico and abroad.

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