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Dia de los Muertos

 Pancho con Hombre Pajaro

Pancho con Hombre Pajaro, 2012

Dear Friends,

Make plans to visit this year's "Dia de los Muertos" exhibition
at the National Museum of Mexican Art this year. A group of students
from my school created and ofrenda dedicated to singers
who died in the last few years but specially to Selana Quintanilla.

I created a large print (above; click to enlarge on separate page)
in homage to my friend Francisco Mendoza who passed on this year.
Francisco was an artist and art teacher in a local elementary public school.
He loved and identified with Mesoamerican cultures
and he felt a particular affinity for Maya aesthetics considering himself
having the classic Maya profile. So I did this print with him standing
and conversing with a Bird-Man, from the Toltec-Maya style in Cacaxtla.
This print will also be on exhibition at the NMMA.

I hope to see you during the Opening Reception:

Friday, September 14, from 6-8:30 pm

René Hugo Arceo, ARCEO PRESS & STUDIO, Chicago

Hanal Pixán
Join us 4 the opening reception of one of Mexico's most important celebrations
and the largest annual "Day of the Dead" exhibition in the U.S.
Acompáñ a la apertura de una de las celebraciones más importantes
en México y de la exposición de "Día de los Muertos" más grande
en los E.E.U.U.

Member's preview - RSVP: 312-433-3922
Thursday, September 13, 6-8:30 pm

This exhibition is dedicated to Chicago artist Francisco G. Mendoza.

Exhibition continues through December 16.
La exposición cierra el 16 de diciembre.
Curated by Dolores Mercado

INVITATION (.pdf file)

Estimados artistas,
Aquí les envío la invitación digital de la exhibicion
Hanal Pixán Food for the Souls: Día de los Muertos 2012.
La lista de artistas aparecerá en la página web del museo.

Dear Artists,
I am sending the digital invite for
Hanal Pixán Food for the Souls: Día de los Muertos 2012 exhibition.
The artists list will appear on the museum's website.

Best regards, Dolores Mercado
Associate Curator National Museum of Mexican Art
1852 W. 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60608
Tel. (312) 738.1503 ext. 3938


SANTITOS: Next Exhibition

Print Portfolio produced by Arceo Press
Opening: April 6th, 2012, Atelier International - Art Gallery
505 S. Water St. Ste. 519, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
April 6 - 28, 2012

 Santitos Portfolio - next exhibition - Corpus Christi, Texsas - April 6 - 28, 2012

 Arceo Press - Limited Edition Print Portfolios
 Arceo Press: Santitos cover
Santitos Portfolio
on exhibitions in 2012

January 13 - February 10, 2012
Galería de la Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes,
Universidad Michoacanan de San Nicolás de Hidalgo,
Morelia, Michoacán, México, Benedictine University
5700 College Rd., Lisle, Illinois, USA,
Contact: tparker@ben.edu

January 13 - 29, 2012
Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos
Antigua Casa de los Leones, Granada, Nicaragua.
Website: www.c3mundos.org
Salón de la Gráfica
Instituto Municipal del Arte y la Cultura,
Durango, Durango, México

 Consejo NYC Show, from Feb 17, 2012

Card design: Poli Marichal


The Consejo Gráfico Exhibition A PRESIÓN / UNDER PRESSURE

Participants: Arceo Press / Coronado Studio / El Nopal Press
La Mano Press / Los De Abajo Printmaking Cooperative / Mission Grafica
Modern Multiples / Pajatp Editions / Riomar Studio / Segura Publishing
Self-Help Graphics / Studio Pepe / Taller Nuevo Amancer / Taller Boricua
Taller Tupac Anmaru / Yollicalli Art Reach

The exhibit coincides with SIGLO XXI:
FEBRUARY 23-25, 2012

Consejo Gráfico is an independent network of Latino print workshops
that have formed to advance the legacy and viability
of Latino printmaking in the United States. The Consejo is a group
of multiple talleres (print workshops) that come together
to strengthen the collective by creating a support system
to compliment their work and style.

Taller Boricua (The Puerto Rican Workshop) was founded in 1970
as an artist-run, non-profit art gallery and multidisciplinary
cultural space in El Barrio. Our mission is to be a proactive institution
by offering programs that stimulate social, cultural and educational
development through the promotion of the arts.

1680 Lexington Ave, New York, N.Y. 10029
t: 212.831.4333 e: contact@tallerboricua.org
w: tallerboricua.org
6 train to 103rd Street / Free Admission
Center is accessible for individuals with disabilities

Organized by Marcos Dimas

Gallery Hours:
Tues. thru Sat. 12 - 6 PM, Thurs. 1 - 7 PM
Sunday and Monday Closed

This exhibition is made possible with support from
The New York State Council on the Arts, The New York City
Department of Cultural Affairs, The Consejo Gráfico Nacional,
The Institute for Latino Studies at The University Notre Dame,
and individual contributors.

 Consejo Gráfico de México

  The Serie Project is a non-profit Latino arts organization that produces, promotes, and exhibits the work of Latino artists and others, and makes the production and sale of prints affordable to both artist and patron. Each year, 15 to 18 artists are invited, through a referral and juror system, to participate in the Serie Project. They come to Coronado Studio, one of only three Latino-based print studios in the United States, to create an original work, collaborate with a master printer, learn how to create a serigraph print, and produce an edition of 50 prints.

  A collaborative workshop format is the setting used to foster diverse artists's development and creativity through exposure to the serigraph technique. Each participating artist creates a limited edition serigraph print and The Serie Project, in turn, is able to make the fine art available to the public through these affordable, signed and numbered prints. The prints are also exhibited throughout the year at various museums and galleries in and outside of Texas. All of this is accomplished at no cost to the artist.

  Serigraph printmaking is a very specialized printing medium. Only a handful of fine art print shops exist in the United States. Depending on the number of artists, anywhere between 750 and 900 prints are produced annually through the Serie Project. The focus is on the work of Latina/o artists, but is not exclusively so. The artist keeps one half of the prints s/he produces, and the Serie Project keeps the other. The work of all the artists is then shown at exhibits during the course of the year. In this way, they are made available to the public, both for viewing and for sale.

 Consejo Gráfico de México sign

Taller Boricua
The Puerto Rican Workshop is a 40-year old (founded in 1970)
artist-run nonprofit art gallery and multidisciplinary cultural space in El Barrio.
Our mission is to be a proactive institution for the community in East Harlem
by offering programs that stimulate its social, cultural and economic development
through the promotion of the arts.

 Taller Boricua - Puerto Rican Workshop - Founded in 1970

1680 Lexington Ave, New York, N.Y. 10029
t: 212.831.4333   e: contact@tallerboricua.org   w: tallerboricua.org
6 train to 103rd Street / Free Admission
Center is accessible for individuals with disabilities

Santitos en Nicaragua

 Santitos - Portfolio producido por Arceo Press, Chicago

Arceo Press
y La Galería David Alfaro Siqueiros de la Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes
invitan a la inauguración de la Carpeta de Gráfica Internacional "Santitos" Viernes 13 de Enero, 7 PM.

Portafolio de Grabados Producido por Arceo Press, Chicago
en Colaboración con 34 Artistas de los Estados Unidos de America,
Italia, Japón, México, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Rusia y Canada.

Galería David Alfaro Siqueiros, Escuela de Bellas Artes,
Universidad Michoacana - Morelia, Michoacán, México.

Exposición abierta al público del 13 al 29 de Enero, 2012.

Details of "Santitos" - read on page Arceo Press - Santitos 2011

Chicago Artists Interpret Shakespeare:
"As They Like It"

Venue: Beverly Arts Center, Saturday February 25, 2012
2407 W. 111th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60655

  This will be an exhibition of 39 Chicago-area artists working in diverse media to interpret the characters, plays, or sonnets of William Shakespeare. I have curated this exhibit with the invaluable help of Robert Kameczura and Maureen Warren, my assistant curators.

  The exhibit will run from February 17 'till April 1, 2012. Gallery hours are - Monday-Friday: 9 AM - 9 PM; Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM; Sunday: 12 - 8 PM. Please come and celebrate with us if you are in the area! If you cannot make the opening, there will be a Q and A session, along with some acted scenes, on Sunday, March 18, from 2 - 5 PM.
Anne Farley Gaines

 "Chicago Artists Interpret Shakespeare: As They Like It", 2012

Jose Agustin Andreu, René Hugo Arceo, Tim Arroyo, Sharon Bladholm, Keith Brownlee,
Mario Castillo, Laura Coyle, Michael Ferris, Chris Flynn, Jonathan Franklin,
Anne Farley Gaines, Jan Spivey Gilchrist, Sergio Gomez, Fletcher Hayes,
Alan Emerson Hicks, Preston Jackson, Robert Kameczura, Deborah Maris Lader, Kim Laurel,
Richard Laurent, Diane Levesque, Carron Little, James Mesple, Geoffrey Novelli,
Christine O’Connor, Joyce Owens, Mary Patton, Corinne D. Peterson, Tom Scarff,
Charlotte Segal, Beth Shadur, Steven Sherrell, Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, Michelle Stutts,
Frank Tumino, Maureen Warren, Kathy Weaver, Marzena Zielka and Jill Zylke.

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