René Hugo Arceo: Resume
 René Hugo Arceo, painter and multiartist

A graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
received a BFA, majoring in printmaking, and a teacher certificate (k-12).
The co-founder of Chicago's Galeria Ink Works (1984 - 1987)
& Mexican Printmaking Workshop (1990 ),
worked for the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum (1986 - 1999).
Has exhibited widely in the Midwest, Mexico and Canada.
"Through his work, he explores a number of issues concerning humanity
represented through figurative elements and eclectic styles.
Arceo's constant, innovative search for a pictorial method to break away from illusion
is what gives his work such impact.
Arceo maintains a simple subject matter in order to create an intricate visual movement
with complex spatial interactions between the figure and space."

His works are derived from conscious and sometimes subconscious experiences and are,
to a great extent, the result of the spontaneous marks, colors and patterns
that evolve into a final work.

Arceo statement
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